Points To Keep In Mind While Dressing For an Interview Male/Female 2020

Dressing For an Interview Male/Female Tips

Dressing For an Interview

As a golden statement says “First Impression is the Last Impression” and it is true in many cases, especially in Interview. If you are going for an Interview you’ll be firstly judged on the basis of your dressing. So if you are going for an Interview these Points to Keep in Mind While Dressing for an Interview will surely help you in cracking it. We are providing Basic Dress Code for both Male/Female candidates and Tips of Dressing which will be very helpful for you.

When you are preparing for Walk-In, keep these Points in Mind While Dressing for an Interview. Dressing professionally shows the respecting behaviour towards the interviewer, and the company and also shows your background profile as well. These points you have to follow only on interview days so it’s not a big deal. By Following these Tips you will surely make a great impression

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Dressing For an Interview Male/Female

Points To Keep In Mind While Dressing For an Interview

Dressing Tips for an Interview:

  • Firstly Dress professionally appropriate according to the job you are applying for or according to the company dress code policy.
  • Dressing should be comfortable and fit you well. It should not be too tight or too loose, as it gets filthy look and makes you uncomfortable too.
  • Matching clothes and Classic Combinations are best to Dress up. Never wear unmatched or irrelevant dresses.
  • Dress should be neat, clean, tidy and properly pressed. As No one likes untidy/dirty or unironed/unpressed clothes
  • Be fresh and do take Shower or bathe in the morning. As Smelly body gives unhygienic preference and you have to face rejection.
  • Use Deodorant but it should be of sweet and light fragrance. Don’t use overpowering or strong Smell DEO’s as no one wants to smell your DEO. Don’t use cologne or aftershave as they have strong smell.
  • Most Importantly Brush your teeth and clean your mouth properly. Bad Breadth really shows a negative impact for an Interview.
  • Don’t eat Smelly food before Interview like onions, garlic etc. Take light eatables before Interview. Always use mouth fresheners before Interview.
  • Never Ever Smoke before Interview. Blackened Lips and smoky Smell will never be a plus point for interviews.
  • Hairs should be washed and neatly combed with simple style. Funky look and Gaudy styles gives negative impression.
  • Footwear’s should be relevant with your dress and formal in nature. Informal or party wear shoes are better to be avoided for interviews.
  • Shoes should be well polished and in good condition.

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It might be many Points to Keep in Mind While Dressing for an Interview but not to worry; these are so basic points and can be done in few seconds or minutes. These are general Guidelines or Tips for Male and Female Candidates which is to be kept in mind while deciding what to wear to an interview.

Male/Female Dressing For an Interview

Boys/Male Dress Code for an Interview:

  • Suit is the Best Option to wear for an Interview. A matching jacket with pants, shirt, formal tie, coordinating socks and shoes with belt will make a great formal dressing for an interview. Try to get contrast of dark-colored suit & light colored shirt.
  • Be sure to shave in morning, as clean shave is the best formal look. If you keep beard or moustache then it should be trimmed & neat-looking.
  • Wear wristwatch for formal looks. But it should be relevant with the dress. Watch should be fitting and not too loose or too tight. Try to avoid fancy or sports watches.
  • Shoes should be formal and in a proper condition. Laces are properly tied. Try to avoid sports or fancy shoes.
  • Use less accessories as men not wear much of these stuff
  • Keep your hairstyle simple and sober. If you have long hairs, trim them or hold them in such a way as it looks decent & formal.
  • Avoid loud colors and flashy ties
Points To Keep In Mind While Dressing For an Interview

Girls/Female Dress Code for an Interview:

  • Girls may consider Indian wear Salwar, Kurti etc. for interviews.
  • Female candidates also wear a suit with a skirt or pants. Interview suits should be simply stitched and dark in colour. Skirts of Knee Length will be fine. Try to avoid too long or too short skirts
  • Anything which is tight, bright, short, or informal must be avoided.
  • Try to avoid makeup as it is a bit informal. Only do touchup and use neutral shades according to your skin tone. Avoid too bright or too dark shades or very long nails.
  • Not to wear bright colors, animal or messy prints, lacy dressed or low-cut, sheer or deep neck Kurti.
  • Limited Jewellry is considered best. Don’t use so flashy, shiny or distracting stuff. One Ring in a hand is enough.
  • In footwear’s try to avoid high Heels. Use low Heeled/Flat & conservative footwear. They must be good in condition and cleaned.
  • Keep you hairs Simple and perfect. You can use Pretty Ponytails, Long and Sleek, Bun of hairs etc. which seems simple and sober. Try to minimize your hair Accessories as possible.
  • Wear wristwatch of simple look. Fancy watches are needed to be avoided.

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Dress is an important factor which helps you in selection. Proper Dressing also builds confident in candidate and present a positive impression in front of the interviewer. Professional Dressing is very much important that’s why we are providing Points to Keep in Mind While Dressing for an Interview.

These points will surely help you in setting a good impact. These Tips are Very useful for both male and female candidates. So by following these things you’ll increase the chances of selection. For more important information stay connected with our Job Portal gktodayjobalert.com

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