Google partners with Assam government to promote digital education

To help and accelerate the Assam government’s objective of promoting digital growth and development in the state, Google signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). As part of this new initiative, Google will work with the Department of Skills, Employment and Entrepreneurship (SEED), Government of Assam, to support teaching and learning as well as promote the fundamentals of online safety in digital To strengthen school digitization efforts with tools and solutions.

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Deliver digital education to public schools, using collaborative technologies from Google for Education. With teacher preparation and certification, Google for Education will support digital learning in schools across Assam and work with the state to digitize education. All teachers and students in the state will have access to Google Workspace for Education – Fundamentals, the company’s digital learning platform. Elementary school children can achieve and develop their reading ability safely and independently with Google’s “Read Along” program.

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