International Firefighter’s Day 2022: International Firefighter’s Day- 4 May

International Firefighter’s Day: International Firefighters Day is observed every year on 4th May to honor the firefighting experts who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The main objective of this day is to recognize and honor professional firefighters around the world. They protect the community and the environment by sacrificing their lives for risky pursuits.

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What is the history of this day:

A tragic incident in Linton, Australia led to the establishment of International Firefighters Day. This historic accident happened on 02 December 1998, in which 5 firefighters lost their lives. Therefore, a resolution was passed on January 04, 1999 to honor the firefighters who lost their lives on duty.


The significance of this day is to stop the fire and improve the intensive and intensive training. On this day, people all over the world express their gratitude by doing charity, charity work, campaigns for firefighters and medical treatment for firefighters. The symbols of this day are red and blue. The colors symbolize red for fire and blue for water, mostly used for emergency services.

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