Jio ties up with Nokia for high speed 5G

Reliance Jio has partnered with Nokia and Ericsson company for high speed 5G network. This is a multi-year deal. Under this deal, Nokia and Ericsson along with the company will provide high-speed 5G network to Jio customers. It is being claimed that Jio will offer ultra high internet speed to its customers through next generation technology support from Nokia and Ericsson. Also lag-free connectivity will be available.

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Swedish telecom gear maker Ericsson has announced a strategic 5G contract deal with Reliance Jio. This company will work to provide standalone mega 5G network for Jio. Let us tell you that Jio is the only company which is providing standalone 5G network in India. On behalf of Nokia, Jio will be helped in 5G Radio Frequency Access Network (RAN).

Nokia and Ericsson will help set up Jio’s standalone network in India. Also will offer high speed 5G network. Whereas Airtel works on non standalone network. Also, Jio has 700MHz network available with more coverage area. In such a situation, high-speed 5G network can be provided by Jio in more coverage.

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