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Rocky Bhai seems to have no intention of slowing down, as many followers eagerly anticipate KGF: Chapter 3. After the first day of showings in various parts of the nation has ended, many fans have rushed to Twitter to express their delight at how the film has exceeded all of their expectations. However, one item that has piqued people’s interest is a series of tweets that seem to indicate that the producers of KGF 3 are working on it.


The Yash-starrer KGF Chapter 2 is now playing on over 12,000 screens throughout the globe in 70 countries in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages. A few hours after the film’s debut on Thursday, the action thriller shattered several box-office records at the box office (April 14).

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As the release of the most awaited pan-India film approaches, fans are thronging the theatres in big numbers to mark the occasion. A new cause to celebrate has been added to the existing KGF Chapter 2 craze, giving supporters even more incentive to rejoice. Several images and videos from the theatres have leaked on the internet, indicating that KGF 3 would mark the return of Prashant Neel’s directing with the third part.

According to the appearance of the photo, the final draught of KGF Chapter 3 is being shown, which was hinted in the post-credit sequences of the newly published KGF Chapter 2. “Don’t miss the end credit sequence #KGF2 #KGF3,” a Twitter user commented in response to the video’s distribution.

KGF 3 Release Date

KGF 3 has been trending on Twitter ever since it was released. In the movie’s post-credits sequence, fans are ecstatic since it has officially been revealed that a third part of the film is now in production. Another important news was that the brand would be expanding to other countries.

Because KGF Chapter 2 came to a close, it’s evident that Makers are already thinking about Chapter 3 and that the Path for Chapter 3 is still open for exploration. Although there is no official confirmation that KGF 3 will be launched, our sources have informed us that the KGF Chapter 3 is now in production and the plot is finalized for the game. Following the smash success of KGF Chapter 2, the production team will begin work on this project.

Even though I will not reveal any details here, the way KGF Chapter 2 ended left many unanswered questions, and I hope this will help. Part 1 was published first. Therefore, we’ll have to wait till Chapter 3 is available before we can go with Part 2. Whether or not Chapter 3 is produced, we may anticipate it to be published in 2024 or later. Prasanth Neel is wonderfully creative, and I do not doubt that Chapter 3 will be far more significant and better than Parts 1 and 2 of the series.

KGF 3 Cast

Prashant Neel seems adamant about keeping the same team members from the film; the cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda and the soundtrack composer Ravi Basrur have been with him since his debut film. And as a result, we anticipate that Bhuvan and Ravi will indeed be involved in the third sequel, which Vijay Kiragandur would bankroll under the brand of Hombale Films. Although we will keep you informed of any new information on KGF 3 as it becomes available, please bookmark this page for future reference.

About KGF

According to the box office results, the two-part multilingual film, which had its first chapter released in 2018, was the highest-grossing film in the Kannada industry. In the film KGF, which stands for Kolar Gold Fields (in Karnataka), Rocky (Yash), an orphan who climbs from poverty to become the king of a gold mine, tells of his journey. Rocking Star Yash is co-starring in the film alongside Bollywood stars Raveen Tandon, Sanjay Dutt, Srinidhi Shetty, and various more.

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