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How to do labor registration- Today we are for you through our article. labor registration have brought information. How can you make your labor card. Shramik Card Scheme By making this card, the beneficiary will get a chance to take advantage of many schemes. And at the same time, the government of the state in which you are residing will also provide you financial assistance under the labor scheme. People from every state of the country can take advantage of this scheme, but you have to apply online for it first. Shramik Panjikaran Online Panjikaran Kese Karen Janen Here.

How to do labor registration, labor registration - Labor Card Registration 2022
How to do labor registration, labor registration – Labor Card Registration 2022

How to Register Workers

labor card registration To do that you have to go through its eligibility first. The age of the applicant should be between 18 to 60 years. Labor Card Only poor working class families will be made. Along with this, the children of the laborer will be provided scholarship in the school. If you also want to register in this scheme, then you can register yourself from your computer and laptop sitting at home by visiting its official website. We you labor scheme You are sharing information related to our “How to do Labor Registration” (Shramik Card Registration kaise Karen) Read the article till the end.

Labor Card Online Registration 2022 Important Information

scheme name labor card scheme
started by by state government
Objective of the plan Scheme facilities to workers
beneficiary working class families
Application twist online
official website

Mazdoor Card Registration New Update

Now the government has decided to give double benefit to MNREGA workers. Let us tell you that now all the workers who are registered for employment, all of them will now be registered in the labor department as well. The workers who work for 80 to 100 days will get the benefit of this scheme. Not only this, all these workers will also be given the benefit of various schemes issued by the department. Nowadays, data of all eligible people registered under MNREGA is being prepared for this. Workers themselves can also register themselves for this. They have to visit the Common Service Center for registration. From where they can easily register themselves.

Required for Labor Card Documents & Eligibility
  • The worker should have Aadhar card.
  • bank account number
  • mobile number
  • The age of the candidate worker should be between 18 years to 60 years.
  • Ration card
  • Basic address proof
  • Aadhar card of all family members
  • passport size photo
  • labor certificate
  • A labor card will be made for only one member of the family.
  • Workers who have worked as laborers for 90 days in 12 months can register themselves in this scheme.

Benefits of haryana labor card ,

  • shramik majdoor card The workers of the whole country will get the benefit of the scheme.
  • State wise official website has been issued by every state government for the registration of labor card.
  • If the candidate has a labor card, then you will get 2 rupees of wheat from it.
  • To get the benefits of the schemes related to the Labor Department, it is mandatory for the citizens to be registered with the Labor Employment Office, under which they will get the Labor Card.
  • labor card From this, the candidate will be given the benefit of schemes run by the government like scholarship, expenses during maternity, Shubh Shakti Yojana, housing scheme, treatment of serious diseases etc. (Tell you that to take advantage of the labor scheme, different rules have been made by your state for this, you can take advantage of the schemes set by the government.)
  • This card will distribute the benefits of all government schemes run by the state and central government to the laboring citizens.
  • Workers can get the benefits of all other types of government schemes related to the Labor Department through the labor card.
  • All the labor citizens of each state can apply for the labor card sitting at home from the official website of the labor department of their state.

Who can apply for Shramik Card?

  • well diggers
  • accountant
  • roofers
  • carpenter
  • Raj Mistri
  • road builders
  • Blacksmith
  • building workers
  • construction site watchman
  • hammer runners
  • Cobbler
  • stone breakers
  • Dam Manager
  • bricklayers at brick kilns
  • plumber
  • electric ones
  • painters
  • rock breakers
  • cement, stone workers
  • poll worker
  • Window grille and door installers
shramik card registration

Purpose of Labor Card

As you all know that India is a very populous country in which there are many citizens who earn their livelihood by doing wages. and light his stove. But all the schemes for the poor laborers were run by the government, these people could not take advantage of those schemes and were deprived of the benefits of the schemes. So that these people could not improve their financial condition. In view of such problem, the government Labor Card ) ordered to be made. So that all the services should be made available to the workers. So that he can fix his financial system.

Note – Let us tell you that different website has been launched for every state by the government. We are sharing you the process of applying for some state below.

How to do UP Shramik Card Registration Online.
How to apply uttar-pradesh Labor Card Registration online?
  • We will tell the workers of UP that how you can apply online in Shramik Yojana. You can follow our given procedure –
  • First of all you go to the official website of Labor Department of Uttar Pradesh.
  • After that a home page will open in front of you.
  • Then on this page you will see the link of Act System. You have to click on this link.
  • After that the website of Labor Act Management System will open in front of you. You have to select your language and after that you have to read the given instructions carefully to use the portal you have to subscribe to the portal.
  • If you are a new user then you have to click on Register Now and click on New Registration after that enter your username and password.
  • After that you have to login by entering your username and password. After selecting the Act you have to click on Registration.
  • After clicking, read the instructions given on the next page and I Have Read All Instruction Carefully by sticking I agree have to click on.

UP shramik majdur card online How to complete the process of second step of registration :-

  • I agree On clicking, the application form will appear in front of you, you will have to fill all the information entered in the form. After that save the form. And see the secure application form. And also attach the necessary documents. And you can make payment etc.
  • After that you have to upload the documents Upload Attachment button can be clicked. after that you choose After going to the file, select the upload attachment and open it, after going to the payment button, you can select the mode of payment by entering the application number. You can pay in 2 ways: 1 Challan, 2 Online. By selecting the Challan option, you can download the Challan form and if you select online then you process payment can do.
  • Online Select After doing this you will come to the website of the Treasury. here you pay without registration After clicking on the link of the division, enter the name of the regional office related to the column of the division and select the treasury of the district through Select Treasury, then enter the name of the firm in the name of the depositor, after that carefully select the head of the act and determine the fee. .
  • After paying the fee, fill the date, bank number, challan number and submit it. Now your application is complete.

How to download up shramik card :-

  • To download the Uttar Pradesh Shramik Card, first you visit the official website of Uttar Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, Labor Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh. Go to
  • After coming to the website, you will have to go under the labor certificate section. “download “ The link will appear. Click the link.
  • After clicking on the link a new page will open in front of you. UP shramik certificate download online process
  • When the new page is open, you can enter any one of the information in your Aadhar card number or registration number. “Search” Click on the button. UP Sharamik Card Download
  • After clicking on the button, all the details related to your labor card will appear in front of you.
  • Once the card details are available, you can download and print it as a PDF file. In this way you will be able to download Uttar Pradesh Shramik card online.

How to apply online for Rajasthan Mazdoor Card?

  • Firstly candidates visit the official website of Rajasthan Jan Suchna Portal. go to.
  • The home page will open on your screen and click on the application form download link.
  • After downloading the form, the candidate should enter all the information asked in the form.
  • After this, the candidate should take a print out of the form and submit it to his nearest labor department or office issued by the officer.
  • Candidates should note that you will be given the date and time to submit the form. You must submit the application form on the given time only.

Some questions and answers related to Labor Card Registration

What is the official website related to haryana labor registration?

Official website to apply for haryana labor card Is.

i want to apply for shramik card but i don’t have laptop or computer at home so how can i apply for shramik shramik card?

You can apply by visiting the Jan Seva Kendra near you.

What are the benefits citizens have got for making labor card in online mode?

Labor and labor citizens will no longer have to go to any government office to make a labor card.

Can labor citizens get the benefits of all labor schemes run by the central and state government through labor card?

Yes, all the labor citizens registered in the Labor Employment Exchange get the opportunity to get the benefits of all the labor schemes run by the government through the labor card.

What documents do I need to take advantage of Shramik Yojana?

Basic address proof
aadhar number
bank account number
mobile number
passport size photo
labor certificate
income certificate
Worked in NREGA for 90 days in a whole year.

What is the purpose of making labor card?

So that the poor people can get the benefits of all the schemes decided by the government. And those candidates can apply and take advantage of the scheme.

What is the age criteria for Mazdoor Card?

Only 18 to 60 years old candidates can apply for Mazdur Card.

How to apply by visiting Jan Suvidha Kendra?

First of all you have to carry all the given required original documents with you.
After which you have to apply for making a labor card for CSC operator.
You have to give all the documents to the operator. And also have to pay the application fee.

How to apply for Uttar Pradesh Labor Registration Online?

Through our article, we have told you the process of applying Uttar Pradesh labor registration online, you can easily apply by following the given steps.

What is the importance of labor card in the life of labor citizens?

Labor card is a valid document to prove their identity in the life of labor citizens, on the basis of which they can get the benefits of all the schemes given by the government.

Has different website been released on the basis of the states through the labor department?

Yes, the website of the Labor Department has been launched according to the states to provide services to the labor category citizens sitting at home.

So like we told you How to Register Workers How you can apply and earn benefits. You can apply by visiting the official website of the Labor Department in whichever state you are a native of. If you want any other information related to this scheme or have any problem then you can message us in the comment box.

Contact for Uttar Pradesh Shramik Card :-

UPBOCW Head Office :-

Uttar Pradesh Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, 2nd Floor, A&D Block, Kishan Mandi Bhawan, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar Lucknow – 226010

To see the details of helpline number :- click here

Contact for Rajasthan Labor Card :-

To contact the labor card of Rajasthan state :- Click here

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