National Unity Day 2022: Significance and History

National Unity Day is celebrated every year on 20 October. People celebrate this day as the history of the war between China and India in the year 1962. In this war, India had to face defeat from China. Many soldiers of the country were also martyred in this war, the effect of which was very bad for India and China, especially it was not good for India. The day this war started, people in India celebrate this day as National Unity Day. Let us know in detail about this war and the day, the history of Indo-China war is still recorded in the pages of history of India and China. Between India and China took place in the year 1962, during which the then Prime Minister was Jawaharlal Nehru.

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Like in the year 1962, even today the tension between India and China continues, but now the situation, time, valor, force, strength of the army, everything has changed from that period. Now there is no firing but there is a reply by the Indian Army when there is interference in the Indian border, there was a time when the Indian Army and the Chinese Army were brothers, but now the situation is not like this, both the armies stand face to face for months. . The situation was not like this in the year 1962, during that time only a few years had passed since the country got independence. India was completely unprepared for war, due to which India had to face defeat in front of China.

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