The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams 01 April 2020

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary’ plays a vital role in every exam. Several banking and Government exams are round the corner like IBPS PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level exams, Other Exams etc. GK Today Job Alert provides you 20 new words in The Hindu Vocab on the daily basis which will benefit you in upcoming examinations. The Hindu vocab includes the word with the meaning, synonyms, antonyms along with the example given in “THE HINDU” Editorial pages. As we all Know in English section the vocabulary comes from THE HINDU Newspapers in the most bank and competitive exams and it is very essential to read and memories vocab from The Hindu Vocab daily. You can test your vocabulary and evaluate yourself with regard to your respective exams. You can easily learn The Hindu vocab words on regular basis.
The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary
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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary : 01 April 2020

1. ONSLAUGHT (NOUN): (हमला):


Synonyms: assault, onset

Antonyms: defense, repulsion

Example Sentence:

The onslaught was unleashed on the day that G8 world leaders met at Gleneagles.

2. PROXIMITY (NOUN): (निकटता):


Synonyms: nearness, presence

Antonyms: distance

Example Sentence:

His close proximity sent her heart racing.

3. APATHY (NOUN): (उदासीनता):


Synonyms: unconcern, passivity

Antonyms: enthusiasm, interest

Example Sentence:

Widespread apathy among students was hard to witness.

4. CONVALESCE (VERB): (अच्छा हो जाना): recover

Synonyms: recuperate, get well

Antonyms: deteriorate

Example Sentence:

He spent eight months convalescing after the stroke.

5. SPURT (NOUN): (उछाल): spray

Synonyms: squirt, spout

Antonyms: contain

Example Sentence:

A brief spurt of tears gushed into her eyes.

6. RECUMBENT (NOUN): (समतल): flat

Synonyms: lying, horizontal

Antonyms: erect, standing

Example Sentence:

They are not recumbent, and the hair falling from the head is curled.

7. INCUMBENT (ADJECTIVE): (पदधारी): present

Synonyms: current, existing

Antonyms: past, future

Example Sentence:

The incumbent President was defeated.

8. SHUN (VERB): (टालना): avoid

Synonyms: evade, eshew

Antonyms: accept, welcome

Example Sentence:

He shunned fashionable society.

9. AMELIORATE (VERB): (सुधार होना):


Synonyms: enhance, better

Antonyms: worsen

Example Sentence:

The reform did much to ameliorate living standards.



10. OUTRAGE (NOUN): (उल्लंघन करना):


Synonyms: infuriate, enrage

Antonyms: Compliment

Example Sentence:

The public were outraged at the brutality involved.

11. CONGREGATE (VERB): (एकत्रित होना): gather

Synonyms: assemble, collect

Antonyms: disperse

Example Sentence:

Some 4,000 demonstrators congregated at a border point.

12. EXTENSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (व्यापक):

Synonyms: large-scale, sizeable


Example Sentence:

He has an extensive garden in his bungalow.

13. THWART (VERB): (विफल करना):

Synonyms: frustrate, balk

Antonyms: assist, facilitate

Example Sentence:
The government had been able to thwart opposition leaders to form new parties.

14. EPIDEMIC (ADJECTIVE): (व्याप्त): rife

Synonyms: rampant, widespread

Antonyms: limited, local

Example Sentence:
Shoplifting has reached epidemic regions.

15. EMINENTLY (ADVERB): (उत्कृष्ट रूप से):

Synonyms: greatly, highly

Antonyms: unimportantly

Example Sentence:

It is an eminently readable textbook.

16. CALAMITOUS (ADJECTIVE): (विनाशकारी):

Synonyms: disastrous, devastating

Antonyms: fortunate, successful

Example Sentence:

A calamitous fire swept through the museum.

17. DEPLOY (VERB): (तैनात करना): post

Synonyms: position, station

Antonyms: concentrate

Example Sentence:

Forces were deployed at desired locations.

18. PRETERNATURAL (ADJECTIVE): (ग़ैरमामूली):

Synonyms: exceptional, unusual

Antonyms: ordinary, natural

Example Sentence:
Autumn had arrived with preternatural speed.

19. LOOP (VERB): (लच्छा बनाना): coil

Synonyms: wind, twist

Antonyms: uncoil

Example Sentence:

She looped her arms around his neck.

20. INVOKE (VERB): (उद्धृत करना): cite

Synonyms: adduce, instance

Antonyms: waive

Example Sentence:

The antiquated defence of insanity is


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